One of our objectives is to develop the roadmap for a carbon neutral Exeter; using data analysis to assess the current state of the City and highlight opportunities for projects, pilots and investment.

As we begin this 10 year journey, we are happy to share our latest report – ‘Towards A Carbon Neutral Exeter: Key Facts 2019‘ – which presents the current state of our city.

Whilst progress has been made, we need to understand where we are now so that we can fully assess the scale of ambition, innovation and investment required to deliver the 12 Goals and achieve a carbon-neutral status.

This is a summary document that collects existing data and statistics about Exeter and presents them under the four key themes of our 12 Goals (Energy, Mobility, Sustainability and Capability).

This report was a recommendation in our ‘Towards Carbon Neutral Exeter‘ paper and forms a baseline of where we are at currently, as we start to work towards meeting the carbon neutral ambition of the City.

The data used reflects a baseline position, allowing us to identify areas our city is aiming to improve on. The data sources used in this report will no doubt be updated by their owners outside of the authority of this document – we will update and reissue this report annually to show the progress that we are making and where we may be falling short to help the city navigate the path ahead.


The full report can be accessed via the link below:


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