Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan Themes:



By 2030 Exeter will be a sustainable city that has minimal impact on the planet and its local environment. Let’s green the city, support local food suppliers, improve air quality and manage our waste better.

We’ve created small digestible summary documents of each of the four themed focus areas of the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan, click on the button below to download:

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Check out some of the amazing sustainability-related projects being delivered by communities and organisations across our city that are already making a positive impact.

Sustainability Success Stories

Exeter’s Sustainability Goals

Green Spaces and Local Produce

A Net Zero Exeter will protect its natural ecosystems, favour local food supplies and sustainably manage its natural resources to combat the degradation of its local environment.

Clean Air

A Net Zero Exeter will have clean air through the reduction of pollutants from private cars and fossil fuels.

Efficient Resource Management

In a Net Zero Exeter, waste will be seen as a resource and recycled wherever possible; waste collection and deliveries will be made via operationally and energy-efficient means.

Regenerative Design

In a Net Zero Exeter, new building developments will go further than net-zero impact, generating more energy than they consume and embedding principles of regenerative design.

What Next?

We are urging everybody – organisations, staff, communities and residents – to play a vital role in the delivery of the city’s Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan.