Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan Themes:



By 2030 Exeter’s energy system will be free from carbon. Let’s make renewable energy available to everyone, eradicate fuel poverty and reduce our energy consumption.

We’ve created small digestible summary documents of each of the four themed focus areas of the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan, click on the button below to download:

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Exeter’s Energy Goals

Reduced Energy Consumption

In a Net Zero Exeter, residents and businesses will have access to the right tools to measure and understand energy use in order to reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Access to Renewable Energy

In a Net Zero Exeter, all residents will have access to locally generated renewable sources of energy.

Affordable Healthy Homes

In a Net Zero Exeter all residents will be able to live in an affordable home which is energy efficient and healthy; where fuel poverty is reduced.

What Next?

We are urging everybody – organisations, staff, communities and residents – to play a vital role in the delivery of the city’s Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan.