A Word From Exeter City Futures…

We are pleased to have contributed to ‘The Journey to #NetZero Carbon Towns and Cities’ report from We Are Liminal and Innovate UK, and proud to see Exeter as one of the 6 towns and cities who are embarking on the journey to Net Zero Carbon!

This report collates learnings about carbon neutral city plans from across the UK. Alongside Exeter, the report features insights from Glasgow, Barking and Dagenham and Chippenham.

Together Exeter highlights itself as a leading city in the UK and supports Innovate UK plan their future investments into supporting cities in the run up to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26).





“We need to ensure a rapid and just transition to a net zero carbon society. The faster we are able to achieve this, the less the social, environmental, and economic costs are likely to be. However, whilst the destination may be theoretically clear, the route to that position is far from it. Across the UK there are pockets of technology and social change that are signposting some of the shifts we may need, but nothing that provides a comprehensive picture of the needs and activities that could be practically taken across a complex environment involving multiple systems.”

“Helping urban areas to understand trends, envisage alternative futures, and to understand how they can get to a world they want, rather than one they don’t, is a powerful tool for change. Through a collective intelligence activity undertaken across Exeter, Chippenham, London and Glasgow, along with research on other leading sustainable cities, this report provides a picture of the different types of routes, activities and solutions that will be needed to get our urban areas to net zero, and how they may differ between locations. The report makes recommendations to help Innovate UK to plan future programmes and interventions.”