Exeter City Futures’ Emergency Roundtables


Throughout 2020 Exeter City Futures launched a virtual series of events, our Emergency Roundtables.

These events focused on urgent topics that needed addressing at the time, but which also impacted the city’s ability to deliver the net zero plan – with the aim of maintaining momentum and delivery.

These Emergency Roundtables bring together a panel including local MPs, representatives from local authorities and key stakeholders from the city and wider region.

The first Emergency Roundtable, focussed around ‘Transport and Travel’ hit 160 registrants in just 3 days. These emergency roundtables have:

  • Bolstered the confidence of policy makers in the city to make radical decisions and support the immediate implementation of innovative change.
  • Influenced policy in the city and engender a new culture of innovation in Exeter where people, communities and businesses are encouraged to ‘trial and fail’ in implementing new ideas and plans.
  • Encouraged collaborative thinking and constructive contributions to deliver a tangible outcome – evidence of solutions Exeter’s electorate wants the city to deliver.

Current Roundtables

Currently there are no Emergency Roundtables scheduled, but we continue to monitor the current state of the city and identify specific needs and important topics across the city as they happen, and will announce upcoming events on our social media, newsletter and website (so please keep your eyes peeled!).

In the meantime if you have any ideas around key topics you would like to see discusssed through our online Emergency Roundtable format, or if you are a business with specific challenges around becoming net zero that could take the focus of a future Roundtable, please drop us a line at info@exetercityfutures.com.

Past Roundtables

Here are some of the previous Emergency Roundtables that we have run with links to outcome reports and highlight videos, so you can see some of the discussions that took place and what usually happens during these events.

What next?