• Public concerns have been raised over insufficient social distancing space on Queen Street
  • In response, Devon County Council are now exploring emergency road layouts on Queen Street
  • A public consultation on proposed options has gone live,  running from 26th Nov to 10th Dec


Devon County Council have today opened an online public consultation that is due to run from the 26th November to 10th December, where options for emergency road layouts on Queen Street will be shared. The aim is to provide sufficient social distancing space for all residents, visitors and businesses that use Queen Street.


Take Part in the Public Consultation


With COVID-19 infections on the rise again, concerns have been raised locally that there is insufficient space on Queen Street to follow the government’s advice on social distancing.

Some individuals have expressed that they no longer feel safe enough to visit or use Queen Street, an area that sees over 6,000 daily pedestrian users.

As a response to these concerns Devon County Council are now exploring emergency road layouts on Queen Street to free up space for effective social distancing to take place.

Residents and businesses now have an opportunity to share their views and feedback during the consultation period, taking place from 26th November to 10th December, where options for emergency road layouts on Queen Street will be shared. A letter has also been sent to all St. David’s residents that includes further information on the public consultation and how to take part.

The aim of any of the proposed options is to create more space for pedestrians, reduce the public health risk and give residents, businesses, and customers the confidence to use Queen Street.


Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highways Management, Cllr Stuart Hughes, said:

“Queen Street is used by many different groups of people including students, businesses, local residents and for access to a major rail station and it is clear that we need to look at how we can provide more space for pedestrians while social distancing is required.”
“Any potential changes to the road layout could however impact other areas and therefore, it’s important that as many people as possible take this opportunity to have their say. I would urge everyone to provide us with their views”


Exeter College Vice Principal and Deputy Chief Executive Rob Bosworth said:

“We fully support the consultation to make Queen Street a safer space for our students, Exeter’s businesses and the wider community.”
“We all have a responsibility to protect each other during these challenging times and collaborating across the city is the best way to ensure that Queen Street can be as safe as possible for all users.”


Phil Bialyk, Leader of Exeter City Council, commented:

“Providing enough space to allow for safe social distancing is vital to protect our citizens, businesses and visitors. That’s why we are so pleased to see a joined-up approach across the city in tackling this shared issue.
“We welcome the proposals for emergency road layouts on Queen Street and we encourage local residents and traders in the area to participate with the public consultation and have their say.”


The delivery of any temporary solution will be designed and implemented by Devon County Council. As a local community interest company that works collaboratively with the city around shared challenges, Exeter City Futures has been brought in to support the proactive communications and engagement with the public to capture as many views as possible.


Andrew Hardwick, Managing Director of Exeter City Futures, said:


“This demonstrates one of Exeter City Futures’ key roles in the city, to facilitate collaborative action around shared challenges. We are proud to support the city’s covid recovery plans and this emergency solution to safeguard our residents and businesses.”
“We encourage as many individuals as possible to take part in Devon County Council’s public consultation that opens today.”


Take Part in the Public Consultation