Exeter City Futures held a series of workshops at the end of 2022 with policy makers across the city. 

The workshops engaged with local policy makers and system leaders. These joint discussions on the key topics assessed to what extent they share strategies towards Net Zero and identified priorities for shared action. The aim is to create the right conditions for systemic change in the city.

The Exeter City Futures workshops allowed invited participants to find out more about the issues and to discuss their concerns and views. The projects discussed were: district heating networks, strategies for electric vehicle charging, the opportunities of hydrogen, the role of community projects in net zero, and reviewing Exeter’s transport strategy.

Reports from the workshops are in the pdfs below, they have been presented to the Exeter City Futures board which includes both Exeter City Council and Devon County Council, as well as the University of Exeter, Exeter College and the Royal Devon NHS Trust. 

ECF District Heating Network Workshop

ECF Electric Vehicle Charging Workshop

ECF Hydrogen Workshop

ECF Transport Workshop

ECF Workshops Report for the Board December