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Access to Renewable Energy

All residents will have access to locally generated renewable sources of energy.

Energy is essential to our City. It provides heat for our homes, powers our transport and keeps our healthcare system running. In a world where natural resources are limited, establishing an affordable, locally generated green energy supply is vital to maintain our quality of life and to improve Exeter’s energy security and resilience.

Meeting this goal will require access to new renewable generation technologies, increased public and private investment, a strong and engaged community who want to make change and a focus on regulatory frameworks and innovative business models that can transform our local energy systems.

Exeter is strongly committed to renewable energy. Over the past decade the City has established a community-owned energy co-op, deployed renewable generation across public sites and delivered large-scale district heating networks in partnership with the private sector. But we can, and must, do more…


Imagining the Future of Exeter

Through our engagement activities with the diverse business and local communities of Exeter and by analysing best practices of other cities across the globe we have identified a set of features that Exeter will need to demonstrate in order to meet this Goal:


  • 100% of all electricity consumed in the city is generated from clean sources
  • Exeter has a Heat Network that provides district heating to a number of public sector buildings across the City
  • Exeter has worked with the wider GESP authorities to exploit the maximum potential for renewable generation (solar, wind, geothermal) and is capturing 4.8TWh energy per annum from 2025 onwards.
  • Exeter is engaged in multi-authority strategic planning to optimally locate new on-shore energy generation (primarily wind and solar) and is working openly and collaboratively with the public to identify solutions that would be acceptable in the context of the energy choices available
  • Exeter has deployed smart-grid technology to realise the potential local benefits of regional generation.
  • Exeter has world-leading programmes of research into enhanced energy generation efficiency, focussing on areas with the potential to improve natural energy resource conversion efficiency e.g. solar cell technology.
  • Exeter has a programme of investment and innovation into geothermal and marine technologies.
  • Data on all sources of energy generation will be shareable so consumers are better informed about the source of their energy use

City Showcase

Here are projects being undertaken across Exeter that are already working towards this goal.