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Collective Action

All groups within the city are engaged with and have embraced Exeter’s sustainable future and work collaboratively and creatively to make it a reality.

If we are going to successfully achieve our 12 Goals and become a carbon-neutral city by 2030 we will need collaborative effort from everyone. We need to work together to develop programmes of education and volunteering so that people are acutely aware of and engage with the issues we face globally, and as a city, and understand how everyone can play an active role in overcoming them. 

It is important to recognise and celebrate stories of local people, businesses as well as council activities that are already working towards the City’s ambitions. This will help highlight best practices and set the benchmark that creates a ripple effect that inspires one another to take action and helps the city thrive sustainably. 

This goal embodies the very core of Exeter City Futures; to nurture and build strong community and business engagement so that together we strive for, and actualise, an Exeter that remains a truly great city to live.


Imagining the Future of Exeter

Through our engagement activities with the diverse business and local communities of Exeter and by analysing best practices of other cities across the globe we have identified a set of features that Exeter will need to demonstrate in order to meet this Goal.


  • The City has launched a campaign to educate and engage young people in Exeter about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their role in our city
  • The Corporate Social Responsibility programmes of businesses with 1000+ employees have been aligned to enable a coordinated volunteering programme that brings the most benefit for the city and for businesses
  • An accreditation scheme has been launched for socially responsible businesses in Exeter who are actively working towards the Goals
  • Exeter has an annual awards event for the top 25 most socially responsible businesses leading the way to a carbon-neutral Exeter
  • Exeter will have systems in place that ensure that the voices of all citizens are heard in developing solutions to address our goals and become a carbon-neutral City
  • All Exeter businesses with 500+ employees have committed to delivery of the Exeter Goals and are publishing data to support the measurement of progress
  • A city partnership is created to strategically develop, co-ordinate, deliver and invest in infrastructure that supports Exeter on its pathway to carbon neutrality
  • Exeter has processes and structures in place to support the development of local co-operatives formed by communities focused on energy and food supply
  • Exeter has a thriving community volunteering sector with more than 50% of people volunteering or helping out in their community at least three times a year 
  • Every neighbourhood in Exeter has a thriving and sustainable community anchor organisation

City Showcase

Here are projects being undertaken across Exeter that are already working towards this goal.