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It was announced at Digital Exeter in November 2016 that Lightfoot was a partner in sustainable business with Exeter City Futures. As part of the support offered by the Exeter City Futures the Lightfoot team has received access to data scientists and assistance with marketing and promotion.


What is Lightfoot?

Lightfoot is a unique innovative connected car technology suitable for all cars, no matter how new or old, that promotes and rewards efficient and safe driving skills. Using F1-style analytics the device lets drivers know when the engine is at its “sweet spot” – the point at which the driver gets maximum performance for minimum effort.

Lightfoot gamifies the whole driving experience allowing users to use their skills to compete against each other to win prizes like restaurant vouchers and experience days. The Lightfoot gadget also allows drivers to track their performance and check their scores online or in an accompanying Lightfoot mobile app.

Benefits of the technology include a 15% saving on fuel consumption, safer driving and therefore cheaper insurance premiums, and access to a whole host of other benefits and connected car features like automatic notification and diagnosis via email of vehicle faults. In line with advice from the recent NICE report, Lightfoot encourages an all-round smoother driving style. The report shows how bad driving can have a negative effect on health, with associated pollution linked to 25,000 deaths a year in England.

Lightfoot is a great example of an Exeter-based company working towards a sustainable vision of the future.


Exeter Pilot

Lightfoot is already well established in the commercial fleet world, with around 10,000 devices fitted to commercial vehicles in the UK so far. During 2016 we have been an ambassador of Lightfoot’s early trials with private motorists in Exeter with many local employees taking part.

The “Exeter Pilot” of the technology was hugely successful, and has proven that the technology is both popular and effective for private motorists. With Exeter City Futures support Lightfoot will grow this user base of beta testers through 2017.

Exeter City Futures is looking forward to seeing how people can improve their driving, safety, and reduce their fuel consumption through use of Lightfoot.