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We are supported by a growing number of residents, workers and organisations from across our city who, together, want to help bring about a Net Zero Exeter.

Take a look below to see those who have already declared their support and consider joining as an individual, organisation, community group.

As part of your membership, you will get access to early invitations and information about our latest events, updates, initiatives and other ways of getting involved with Exeter’s net zero journey.

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Members of the Net Zero Network: Organisations

Members of the Net Zero Network: Community Groups

Members of the Net Zero Network: Individuals

Ilaria Pinna

Kitty Adhamy-Nichol

Peter Last

Jessica Renz

Mike Cole

Paul Britton

Olly Mawson

Zoe Cunningham

Pell Frischmann

Tim Stock

Tim Stock

Gemma Schlosrich

Paul Bryan

Maja Jorgensen

Ed Vereker

Barton Willmore

PJ Shepherd

Ashley Fawcett

Anthony Martin

Alice Bryan

Rosie Denham

Clodagh Murphy

Robyn Connett

Hira Raza

Douglas Scott

James Prescott

Linda White

Leo Webb

Salim Chafyee

RajiJames Balasundaram

Grace Rodgers

Andy Doherty

Billy Bingham

Simon Spoerer

Ian Tilsed

Tal Donahue

Hannah Dwane

Martin Mather

Jane May Morrison

Jill Grainger

Isobel Russ

Ashley Petrons

Laura Hunt

Colin White

Chris Goodwill

Jane May Morrison

Katie Smith

Jamie Andrews

Niall Macleod

Dapo Olotu

Sinead Partridge

Julian Lewarne

Alice Hutchings

Tony Lowe

Noor Arfeen

Lesley Robson

Emma Gray

James Nye

Charlotte Tregedeon

Jemma Hodgkins

Mark Jones

Ed Shaw

Will Page

Dr Johnathan Frost

Peter Cleasby

Tina Garrity

Justin Turquet

Stephanie Darkes

Gordon Richardson

Dave Martin

Rob Anderson

Chris Parker

Carolyn Worfolk

John Harvey

Jessica Ilyas

Chris McGuire

Graham Heysett

Ben Orriss

Liz Straw

Paul Hynam

Janet Longhurst

Claire Kennedy

James Haigh

David Robertson

Mike Walton

Biddy Walton

Deborah Salisbury

Chris Prescott

Annabel Morgan

Roli Martin

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