Exeter City Futures are pleased to see the government announce its ‘Build Back Greener’ strategy, ahead of next month’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

The strategy sets out the government’s plan for the UK’s journey to Net Zero, by reducing carbon emissions and how they plan to support the transition across the economy. More than that, it sets out the level of investment that the UK can expect. Exeter City Futures will be working with partners across the city to position Exeter to take up the support offered, driving Exeter to meet its 2030 carbon neutrality targets.

For Exeter, and all regions, this will mean looking closely at power and fuel supply for housing and industry use as well as transport. The UK government plans to support transitions by encouraging innovation, green investment; jobs, skills, and industries. We can also expect to see support for local climate action and encouragement for the public to make greener choices. 

Exeter City Futures welcomes this report as a commitment to Net Zero for the UK, and looks forward to taking up the support and encouragement of the government and its local departments. 

The Build Back Greener report clearly shows the problems that the UK and cities like Exeter are facing due to climate change, but it is optimistic that sweeping changes can be made, with the UK leading the global action.

Specifically, the plan includes: 

  • Delivering £1.5 billion to support net zero innovation projects
  • Investing £3 billion for bus services
  • Investing £2 billion for cycling or walking
  • Further funding for the Social Housing Decarbonisation Scheme and Home Upgrade Grants, investing £1.75 billion
  • Additional funding of £1.425 billion for Public Sector Decarbonisation
  • A new £450 million boiler upgrade scheme for households
  • £60 million for a heat pump scheme
  • £620 million for zero emission vehicle grants
  • £124 million extra for peat and woodlands
  • £75 million for development of natural resources 
  • £295 million brought forward for local authorities to implement food waste collection
  • Delivering £100 million of investment (possibly private) in greenhouse gas removal

We encourage you to have a read of this report and look closely as the COP26 takes place – where can your business or organisation fit in this plan, and can you benefit from some of this forthcoming investment? Sign up to our newsletter and follow  Exeter City Futures for news of opportunities as they arise. 

Exeter has already declared a climate emergency and has developed an ambitious Net Zero 2030 plan. Work is also underway to develop  the Exeter Development Fund concept,  an innovative financing solution for zero carbon housing. There is still a long way to go, but we believe Exeter is forging ahead. With grant and investment opportunities to work together and deliver, we are growing more confident that the organisations of Exeter can reach the scale and pace needed in order to be net zero by 2030.