Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan

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By 2030 Exeter will be a sustainable city that has minimal impact on the planet and its local environment. Let’s green the city, support local food suppliers, improve air quality and manage our waste better.

We’ve created small digestible summary documents of each of the four themed focus areas of the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan, click on the button below to download:

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By 2030 Exeter will be an analytical, innovative and collaborative city. Let’s boost the skills and capability of our residents, entrepreneurs and workers, and enable them to play a collective role in delivering the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan.

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By 2030 Exeter’s energy system will be free from carbon. Let’s make renewable energy available to everyone, eradicate fuel poverty and reduce our energy consumption.

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By 2030 Exeter will be a well-connected city. Let’s make our infrastructure and modes of transport safer, cleaner, more active, more efficient and more inclusive.

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