What is Exetercityfutures.community?

It’s an online platform where everyone can join the conversation, to share ideas and insights about how our problems and needs can be defined, and how we can make our region energy independent and congestion free by 2025.

Are you an Exeter region resident, worker, entrepreneur, researcher, service provider, parent, student or community group who cares about the future of Exeter and the wider world? Join our community.

Sign up and then start posting ideas or comment and vote on other problems identified in the online platform.

Everyone who becomes part of the community has an opportunity to discuss three key areas: The Energy Independent Buildings Challenge, The Zero Congestion Challenge and Our Next Exeter City Futures Challenge.

All three areas are asking for ideas, post comments that can help the Exeter region achieve zero congestion and energy independence.

How it works

The Exetercityfutures.community is the first stage of our innovation process staying open until early January. In December, Exeter City Futures will host a Challenge Definition workshop. Key stakeholders from across the region and the most engaged and entrepreneurial contributors on the online platform will be invited.

The challenge definition workshop will synthesise insights gathered from data analysis and the online conversations on the platform. The outcome from the workshop is to determine a set of real challenges that people want solved, that align with local development plans and that the data suggests will make a real difference to us reaching our goals of energy independence and zero congestion.

The set of real challenges identified in the workshop are those which demonstrate impact and can be transformed into a practical reality. These will then be re-entered back onto the online platform where the community can comment and vote on their favourite.

At the end of December the final set of challenges will be selected. These challenges will then be displayed on our website where global, UK, regional and local teams of innovators and entrepreneurs who have the potential technology to develop the solutions, can apply. For more information please visit our programme page.

In addition from early next year Exeter City Futures will also be delivering an education and community programme to develop the innovation programme’s reach.

Share your insights

Since opening our innovation community we’ve received many insights into Exeter’s energy and congestion problems.

Below are some of the key needs that have already been identified:

“Exeter is becoming a recognised area in Europe for Passivhaus and low energy homes. The problem with this high detail level of work is that very few trades have the ability to work to this level. There is a requirement for people with the correct backgrounds to start understanding and learning how these methods are applied.”

Will Slater, Heating & Electrical Engineers of the Future

“We have commuting congestion in part because morning work and school runs take place at the same time. If more employers offered flexible working hours and opened later, commuters could stagger their journeys.”

Zuluzulu, Right People, Right Time

“Encourage people to accept less cars in Exeter with car free Sundays for a month. Use technology to measure the impact by counting footfall in the high street shops.”

JoeKBaker, Free to be

Join the discussion

Anyone who has an insight into a problem that needs to be solved in order to make Exeter energy independent and congestion free by 2025 can join the Exeter City Futures crowdsourcing platform now, and start sharing their ideas. Let us know what deserves attention: help us develop a sustainable future together.

Join our online community to get involved in turning Exeter into a world-class sustainable city.


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