Post-event Summary & Links


We wanted to thank all those who participated in our Emergency Transport & Travel Roundtable on the 20th May 2020.

Due to extremely high demand we surpassed our max capacity of 100 attendees and unfortunately not everyone was able to join us. However, we recorded the session and will be releasing a summary document to the public shortly – so please look out for that.

There was a really diverse mix of participants in attendance – representing local authorities, businesses and their communities – with 54% of the crowd voting that they were only ‘Slightly Confident’ that Exeter will achieve a ‘Green Restart’.

As mentioned during the session, please find links to the documents shared today to allow both participants and registrants to continue the conversation:


Download Final Report

Downoad the final summary document, the output from the online event which has been presented to local authorities.


Watch Video Clips

We have created highlight clips of the full panel discussion, feedback from the breakout rooms and the final reflections from the panel on those breakout discussions.


Interactive Map

An interactive map where you can highlight positive changes that you’ve seen across the city, what you’d like to keep, and your ideas about how Exeter could be improved for life after lockdown.


We wanted to say a huge thank you to those who helped us make such a success of the Emergency Roundtable, including the panel members and facilitators, again illustrating that a collaborative spirit and a thirst for practical action is still very much alive and strong in Exeter.

Keep well and we look forward to seeing you at the next virtual conversation!


All the best,

The Exeter City Futures Team


Event Background


We are seeking your urgent engagement on Exeter’s recovery plan following the Covid-19 pandemic and the delivery of our Net Zero Exeter 2030.


On 7th April 2020 Exeter City Futures released the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan and delivered it to Exeter City Council. Just a month later and now an integral pillar of local government’s COVID-19 recovery plans, the Plan is proving ever more crucial as many of us, as individuals, families, communities and businesses, begin to reassess our lifestyles, change business practices, and shift our values.

This is the opportunity to take the learnings from our current challenging situation, and isolation, and turn it into creative, positive, practical action.

We are experiencing a taste of what Exeter’s future could look like. The lockdown has suddenly launched en-masse adoption of practices and behaviours that would have, in ‘business-as-usual’, pre-COVID-19 circumstances been considered impossible – vast swathes of the workforce working from home, less traffic on our roads, and greater numbers seeking and eating locally produced food, to name just a few.

It is now time to come together and influence local policy and commit to practical actions that retain the positives and secure the sustainable future we all want to see


At this crucial time, we ask of you two things:


1. Actively engage with the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan and support the city’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Immediately, this might be through encouraging new staff travel behaviours, reducing workplace energy usage and swapping to a green energy provider, or continuing newly-adopted efficiency measures such as holding online meetings.


2. Take part in Exeter’s Emergency Transport & Travel Roundtable at 2pm on Wednesday 20th May.

With local councillors, including Ben Bradshaw on the panel, Exeter City Futures is facilitating this opportunity for you and/or your business to provide feedback directly to your local government on measures you believe will help build back Exeter better.

Focusing on reducing the dominance of cars and encouraging the adoption of active travel behaviours including more walking and cycling, the roundtable will enable local businesses, residents and leaders to share, listen and provide feedback as the city shapes its policies for the uncharted road ahead.


Help Exeter work out how to Build Back Better


We recognise the short notice for the Roundtable and the tight time frames for responses, but hope we all understand the need to be agile and respond quickly at this time. Moreover, we hope you will agree that collaborative action is imperative – we are stronger on this road to recovery when we work side-by-side to achieve shared goals.


Roundtable agenda:
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Panel presentations
  • Roundtable (breakout rooms)
  • Feedback
  • Summary
  • Next Steps