We are seeking your engagement on Exeter’s COVID-19 recovery and support in delivery of the Net Zero Exeter 2030 Plan.


Exeter’s Emergency Roundtable: Clean Growth

  • Tuesday 12th January 2021, 10am-12noon
  • Online (Zoom)


Join us for an online Emergency Roundtable: ‘Clean Growth’ – to take place at 10am on Tuesday 12th January – as we kick off 2021 looking at the transformational ability Exeter has to drive a vibrant economy and address the twin challenges of the pandemic and the climate emergency.

Having emerged from the second lockdown, with a challenging future ahead for many of our city’s people and businesses, we examine the opportunity presented by ‘clean growth’ – a promise of high value jobs, economic growth and an improved quality of life as a result of cutting carbon emissions.

The Panel, representing Exeter across policy, education, business, community and the economy, will share what Clean Growth means to Exeter, and through the discussion, we will ask you to consider, prioritise and commit to the opportunities we have to meet Exeter’s economic and net zero objectives while while creating the jobs, livelihoods and communities we all want to see.  

The pace needed to not only #BuildBackBetter after the coronavirus pandemic, but also meet Exeter’s target of net zero by 2030, is a challenge that needs us to innovate, collaborate, and to put the bold, smart solutions in place now.

This is an event for change and place makers who want to see Exeter thrive. Help us find those who will lead on the bold, smart actions we must make now.


To find out how our previous Emergency Roundtables went, including video clips and a summary document that was delivered to local authorities follow these links: