Great news for Exeter, coming in second on OVO Energy’s rankings of the country’s greenest, leafiest areas!


Green energy supplier OVO Energy has revealed the leafiest parts of the country to live in according to tree cover percentage (the area of tree canopy as a percentage of the total area of interest).


  • Exeter (21%), ranked second best area for tree cover percentage, is nearly thirty times more leafy than nearby national park Exmoor
  • Surrey ranks leafiest area in Britain, with the Lake District the worst area for tree cover and Portsmouth the worst city
  • Major cities like London, Manchester and Leeds beat idyllic areas such as Cornwall, Norfolk and Suffolk when it comes to tree coverage
  • OVO Energy reveals rankings to encourage Brits to sign an online petition calling for the Government to set a legally-binding tree planting target to help combat climate change
  • To reach its 2050 net zero carbon emissions target, the UK needs to double its current tree planting rate, planting 1.5 billion more trees by 2050



Bluesky’s National Tree MapTM (NTM) is created using the UK’s most consistent and highest specification aerial photography and terrain datasets captured by Bluesky. Complex computational algorithms are applied to the data to extract information on spatial location, size and height of every tree. These are then represented as map features that can be analysed to generate a whole range of statistical data relating to tree coverage.


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