Pioneering Solar Canopy arrays installed on two of our largest City Centre Car Parks broke new ground, not only in the South West, but also nationally and represent innovation that can be shared. The PV arrays generate 285,227 kWh of renewable energy, and save 150 tonnes of CO2 per year. They present:

  • Zero Carbon. Linked to low energy lighting installed, a zero carbon parking service is achieved.
  • Dual Benefit. The Car Park Canopy structures provided undercover parking, providing for more attractive parking, happier customers and increased parking revenue.
  • Technical Innovation. The Solar canopy project is a UK first and provides a workable structural and parking solution.
  • Solar EV Charging. Car Park Users can charge Electric Vehicles using renewable energy and parking services charge their own electric vans overnight.
  • Community Benefit. The work was completed by a local installer, with local design and engineering, visible promotion of the benefits of solar PV, and the sale of green energy to local voluntary group based in a building next to Car Park.


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