To encourage the use of Electric Vehicles (EV) across Exeter and the surrounding area, EV Chargepoint facilities have been installed in key areas across the City.

The scheme is a visible manifestation of the Council’s low carbon commitment. ‘Park and Plug’ was the result of a successful grant bid sought from the Department for Transport and Office for Low Emission Vehicles. Together with sponsorship, the charging points at six public car parks and three office locations, provide free charging for electric vehicle users. In addition, over half of the sites are powered by solar PV.

The ‘Plug and Park’ Chargepoint Stations are available for all to use at:

  • Matford Park and Ride
  • John Lewis Car Park
  • Guildhall Car Park
  • Mary Arches Car Park
  • Cathedral and Quay Car Park
  • Magdalen Street Car Park

Zero emission electric vehicles make a significant contribution to reducing environmental harm and improving local air quality, and the City Council is currently replacing its operational fleet with Electric Vehicles, as well as pool cars for staff business use. Last year the carbon emissions of the council’s fleet saw a 34% reduction after the introduction of 10 electric vehicles.




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