Using Geocraft Exeter City Futures created a Minecraft map of Exeter City Centre generated from Open Data – an interactive and accessible map which can be used by citizens to redesign the city in a more sustainable way.



We invited students and teachers to download the Minecraft: Education Edition of our map and craft what they wanted Exeter to look like in the future. We wanted to see their vision for a more sustainable city – one where the city centre is car-free, where energy comes from more sustainable sources, and where it is a happier and healthier place to live.

A series of five challenges were created to inspire participant’s visions of future Exeter. These challenges included:

Car-free City Centre
What does a car-free city centre look like? What could we do with the empty roads?

Sustainable High Street
What does a sustainable high street look like, with energy efficient and inspiring buildings?

Alternative Transportation
What alternatives to cars could citizens use to get around Exeter? Could we use the River Exe, or go underground?

Alternative Energy Sources
Can you create a renewable energy infrastructure using Redstone blocks? What would Exeter look like with more alternative energy sources?

Super Cycle Paths
If you could build cycle paths anywhere, what would be the best network you could create?

The project initially launched in 2018, and relaunched for Minecraft: Education Edition in 2019 through a collaboration with Minecraft: Education Edition, Exeter City Futures, Exeter College, and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery. The resulting video shows how students can use Minecraft to ideate and craft future Exeter in a classroom environment.

Anyone interested in crafting their own version of Exeter can still download the Exeter 2025 Challenge Map and is encouraged to share they’re creation with us on social media, or by emailing


Download the Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge Education Edition Map


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