Exeter City Futures is engaging with citizens to craft future Exeter in Minecraft as part of our Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge project. We are creating a collaborative vision of a more sustainable city using a map of Exeter City Centre generated from Open Data as a starting point.

The Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge Day will showcase the map that minecrafters in Exeter have created, and encourage attendees to add their own sustainable solutions. It will take place on February 24 2018, 10.30am to 4.30pm at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. It is a drop in event where visitors can pay what they think.

Visitors will be able to experience Exeter in 2025 in Virtual Reality, add to the map in a challenge workshop, or get a souvenir picture of themselves in future Exeter with a time-travelling green screen experience.

There will also be a chance to interact with RAMM’s Historic Exeter Minecraft project which has inspired the Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge.

Exeter 2025 VR

Experience the future in virtual reality. Visitors can put on a VR headset and step into the Exeter 2025 map, visualising what the city could be like in the future if we find inspiring sustainable solutions to problems like congestion and increasing energy use from non-renewable resources.

The VR experience will be supplied by Dreamscape VR, Devon’s first and only virtual reality experience centre.

Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge Workshop

In the Exeter 2025 Minecraft Challenge workshop there will be a chance to build collaboratively on the Exeter Minecraft map. Respond to one of our challenges and contribute to the vision of a happier healthier city. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own laptops and mobile devices but computers will be available.

Postcards from the Future

Get your picture taken in front of our green screen to be transported into future Exeter for a souvenir postcard photo. Participants will get their image instantly to share on social media.

Historic Exeter

Explore RAMM’s maps of historic Exeter which are part of a 3-year project using the principles behind video games to expand what RAMM’s visitors can learn and see.


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Sunday 24 Feb
10.30am to 4.30pm
Drop in. Pay what you think

Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery
Queen Street, Exeter, EX4 3RX