Exeter: A Data-Driven City

This project was funded by the Impact Lab collaboration agreement, and is now finished. Check the Exeter City Council website for similar current data. 

By 2030 we want Exeter to be a data-driven city. This is a place where our citizens, communities and organisations have access to data about their city and are empowered to understand and use it to create change and influence better decisions.

We believe that by sharing, understanding and analysing city data in this way, we can take great strides towards building an even better Exeter.

This is where the Exeter Data Mill comes in. The Exeter Data Mill is an open data portal that brings together data from Exeter’s local authorities, organisations and communities. It gives us the opportunity to open up previously locked down but potentially valuable sources of data, and unearth ways in which we can make our city a better, more fulfilling place to live for all.

The Exeter Data Mill is made possible by Exeter City Council who pay for the licence fees and the European Union, via the European Regional Development Funded Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab, who provide funding for our Data Analyst.

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