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Breathe Exeter

Breathe Exeter aims to create a cleaner, greener Exeter by the end of 2019. The initiative hopes to turn Exeter into the first global case study of small, individual actions making a significant difference to air quality – proving the huge potential community activism has to change the world.


Led by Lightfoot, the makers of the world’s first technology to reward better drivers, and Grow Media, Breathe Exeter is an initiative that taps into the unique community spirit of Exeter.

By helping Exeter citizens and businesses access technology that encourages a smoother, more efficient driving style, Breathe Exeter aims to make Exeter the first global case study of community activism affecting positive environmental change.

The initiative offers an alternative to slow-moving, watered-down policies from Parliament, instead putting the power to enact immediate and significant change in the hands of individuals.

As an Exeter-based business, Lightfoot hopes its hometown can serve to prove the power individuals have by making small changes en masse.

Encouraging the widespread adoption of Lightfoot in Exeter’s vehicles will benefit the city, its communities, and each individual personally:

  • Reducing CO2, NOx, and particulate emissions by as much as 20% (as verified by the University of Bath)
  • Improving mpg by as much as 20% – gaining more miles from every tank of fuel
  • Reducing the risk of at-fault collisions by 40% (verified by Allianz Insurance plc), up to as much as 80% (verified by Dunsby Associates)
  • Reducing vehicle wear and tear and downtime by 45%
  • Earning rewards, saving money, and winning prizes for being a considerate, safer, greener driver


“We don’t need a few people acting perfectly sustainably. We need millions doing it imperfectly.”


“Breathe Exeter is all about our great city, the people and businesses within it, committing to a common goal and achieving something incredible.

Years and years of results from the commercial fleet sector prove that Lightfoot works and works well. Now, we want Exeter to be the first case study of this technology positively impacting a city, its communities and its road network.

We can put Exeter on the map as a global leader in the fight against air pollution – we just need the community to join together with us to make it happen.”


Key Outputs

If Breathe Exeter meets its initial target of having 10% of the city’s vehicles fitted with Lightfoot by the end of 2019, the city would save:

  • 5,500t of CO2
  • £8.5m in fuel costs
  • 40% of accidents per year


Project Lead and Partners Involved