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About Us

Our Vision & Mission 

Exeter City Futures’ (CIC) vision is a carbon-neutral Exeter that remains a great place to live for future generations. We are working to achieve this through our mission: to bring Exeter’s businesses, individuals, communities and leaders together and provide the coordination and focus needed to deliver the city’s carbon ambitions.


Our Manifesto

Climate change, population growth, energy, transport, wellbeing, education – sometimes the challenges we face often feel too big and overwhelming for us to make a difference. They leave us frustrated; our individual actions feel like droplets in a vast ocean. However, what if we started to tackle these problems together, as a City? 


“We may sometimes feel that we can’t do much as individuals, but humanity is made up of individuals; we can make a difference. As individuals we can influence our own families. Our families can influence our communities, and our communities can influence our nations” 

– Dalai Lama


What if Exeter’s sustainable future could be used as a model that other cities across the globe can mimic and learn from? Maybe Exeter could be the ripple effect that could help change the world!

In many ways Exeter is the perfect city for this change to happen:

  • Exeter is big enough to face the challenges of tomorrow, but small enough to get the whole community (businesses, individuals and city leadership) working collaboratively to solve them.
  • We are ready to collect and analyse the city’s data to draw out useful insights about the complex issues we face now and where we need to be in order to deliver a sustainable city for future generations.
  • The city is home to leading institutions and businesses (The University of Exeter, Exeter College and Met Office – to name just a few) that combined gives us a unique concentration of the scientific, analytical and strategic expertise needed to deliver the city’s carbon-neutral ambitions.

Most importantly, Exeter’s bold vision to become carbon-neutral by 2030 is something that can only be achieved if we incorporate the views and ideas of the residents who live and work in the city.

We are passionate about this mission and proud to have been handed the responsibility to co-ordinate and bring focus around the carbon-neutral ambitions of the city.

We strive to help bring about a more sustainable, inclusive and co-operative Future Exeter for everyone. 

This is our commitment to the city.


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Our Objectives

Through extensive consultation with our member organisations, residents and business of Exeter, we have defined 12 Goals that provide a framework for delivery of the city’s net-zero ambition. Our objectives will ensure that everyone across the city is continually engaged and working towards the shared ambition to be, and remain, net-zero by 2030.  

  • We will manage the roadmap for a carbon neutral Exeter; using data analysis to assess the current state of the city and highlight opportunities for projects, pilots and investment
  • We will engage with residents, businesses and community groups of Exeter to raise awareness and lead conversation about the challenges we need to overcome
  • We will help individuals and businesses understand how they can play a role through building partnerships and accessing support, ideas and toolkits
  • We will support member organisations to collectively identify and accelerate ideas, investment and innovations that have the potential to deliver impactful progress towards a sustainable city
  • We will raise the global profile of Exeter as a leading sustainable city
  • We will ensure that Exeter City Futures is run efficiently and appropriately as a Community Interest Company (CIC) delivering benefit to the residents of Exeter


Thought Leadership & Insights

Exeter City Futures have published a range of insight reports and resources that are that are intended to identify opportunities, help communities make change and to inform policy decisions: