On 9th June Exeter City Futures joined a workshop looking to the net zero future of Exeter’s high street, as part of the ‘RAMM about Town’ project.

The ECF team and invitees to the hands-on workshop explored their ideas using LEGO® – not such a radical thought, as the bricks are much-loved by architects and planners for generating ideas.

Following an introduction from the ‘RAMM About Town’ team, Exeter City Futures’ Carly Mays shared some ideas on what a net zero future might look like for Exeter, and the group discussed how this could relate to the high street.

Exeter’s RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum), Art Work Exeter and the University of Exeter developed the ‘RAMM about Town’ project to explore the questions: “How should we respond to, and take advantage of, major changes in technology, social expectations and the environment? How do we balance Exeter’s needs as a thriving, growing city with the pre-existing heritage we are so proud of? What place does culture have on the High Street?”

Carly Mays, Community Engagement Manager, concluded “It was great to join RAMM About Town for a session on the future of Exeter’s High Street, where we focussed on what this would mean for net zero. We explored thoughts about what this might look like, and shared our ideas through our LEGO creations. The workshop was fun and inspiring, and gave us an opportunity to discuss net zero in the context of the High Street. Thank you to the RAMM About Town team.”