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Exeter’s future begins today

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Our Vision

An increasing population and an expanding travel to work region is attracting more commuters from across Devon, and putting a significant strain on the Exeter region’s roads, energy resources and the well-being of its citizens. Exeter City Futures has set a bold goal to make the region congestion free and energy independent by 2025.

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More than just a smart city programme

By combining local and national political leadership, forward looking analytics and engagement with residents, commuters and businesses, we are identifying the key challenges that need to be solved in our journey. We have an opportunity to work together to innovate and transform Exeter and the travel-to-work region into a world-leading sustainable city. You can be part of this.

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Our story

Exeter City Futures was founded by our CEO Glenn Woodcock in November 2015 to solve the global challenges of energy use and congestion locally. Exeter City Futures is a Community Interest Company funded by Oxygen House and working in partnership with Exeter City Council.