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We are at a moment of exciting change for cities

Connectivity and the technology in our hands are providing us with the chance, as never before, to really understand the problems that cities face, to design elegant and innovative solutions and to re-imagine our cities for the future.

Now is the moment to ask:

What is the future of Exeter?
What are the challenges that we face?
What do we want our city to be like in ten years' time?

Exeter City Futures is a Community Interest Company to begin finding answers to these questions and to lead in the design of an ambitious transformation project for our city.

What's it about?
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Transport & mobility:

Modern technology and data analytics can dramatically improve the efficiency of the way people and vehicles move around a city. An innovative approach to transportation will reduce congestion, shorten journey times, improve air quality, make people healthier and lower environmental impact.

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Energy & waste:

Cities have to be environmentally sustainable to survive. Energy is going through a revolution with cleaner ways of producing, storing, transporting and consuming energy. Waste is also key to reducing our environmental impact and technology is making the reduction of waste a reality. Data analytics will be key to elegant & efficient solutions in both of these areas.

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Health & wellbeing:

Technology and data analytics is driving positive change across our health system. It is helping medical professionals make faster and more effective assessments, driving novel solutions to medical issues and helping healthy individuals reduce their risk of getting ill.

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Exeter is a hub of innovation in the field of education technology. Technology and data-led solutions for the classroom will help us understand how and when students learn most effectively. This enables live adaptations to lessons to match the level of the class ensuring that every student is being stretched to the optimum level.

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Enterprise & Economy:

Becoming a leader in this data-driven, technological approach to city transformation means Exeter will attract investment from public and private organisations who want to be involved. This influx of investment will mean innovative products & solutions for Exeter residents, an increase in employment opportunities in the area and a shift towards a knowledge based economy.

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What do you think?

Before we do anything, we want to hear from as many of you, the people of Exeter, as possible. What do you love about Exeter? What really frustrates you? What big ideas do you have for the future? The following survey will only take a few minutes and it is your opportunity to shape the future of your city. Please share it with as many people as possible.

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