Reimagining Exeter: Post-Covid-19

What improvements do you think could be made to ensure we ‘build back better’ as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic?

On this interactive map highlight positive changes that you’ve seen, what you’d like to keep, and your ideas about how Exeter could be improved for life after lockdown.



 The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing our cities, as many of us are beginning to reassess our lifestyles, change the ways we work, and shift our values.

We are experiencing a taste of what Exeter’s future could look like, and we now have the opportunity to take the learnings from our current challenging situation, and isolation, and turn it into creative, positive, practical action.

The lockdown has suddenly launched en-masse adoption of practices and behaviours that would have, in ‘business-as-usual’, pre-COVID-19 circumstances been considered impossible – vast swathes of the workforce working from home, less traffic on our roads, and greater numbers seeking green public spaces and eating locally produced food, to name just a few.

What positive changes have you seen that you would like to retain for life after lockdown? Do you have ideas about how Exeter could be improved post lockdown? We want to hear from you, take a few minutes and have your say with our new #ReimaginingExeter interactive map – it’s super easy!


How do I contribute?

1. On the left bar, click on ‘^’ next to the category that represents your contribution – e.g. an area you like, dislike or would like to see improved.
2. Click ‘Add to …’
3. Fill out the short form, pinpoint location by clicking on the map, upload a photo if you have it, and click ‘Submit’ on the top right.
4. Shortly upon submitting, one of the Exeter City Futures will approve your contribution and it should display on the map!
5. You can filter the view by clicking ‘^’ next to the category you wish to see/not see and clicking ”Show only…’ or ‘Hide…’
6. Once you contribution is live, you can share it on social media by clicking on the map marker, clicking ‘…’ and selecting ‘Share!


Check Out Map

Click share on your map contribution and tag @execityfutures in on Twitter using the hashtag #ReimaginingExeter.


If you are interested in downloading the contributions to the Reimagining Exeter map and analysing it for yourself, we’ve made it available to download on the Exeter Data Mill: